Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Camera

I finally broke down and bought a digital SLR camera. I went with a Canon Rebel and so far I am LOVING it. Below are a couple practice shots. I'm still learning.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Play Dates

Miss Carina and Mr. Keaton always have a blast together. Carina just LOVES Keaton's play room, especially the slide and swing. Can't usually get her away from it. I'm glad that Keaton has become more comfortable around other sure took awhile. He would cling to me the entire time or cry. He finally warmed up to "Rhyme Time" at the library and absolutely LOVES it now. I'm looking into pre-schools for him starting in the Fall this year for a couple mornings a week. I noticed that he really is starting to become bored during the day however I know the spring weather will be different once we can go outside.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speech Delay

Well Keaton will be 19 months old exactly tomorrow and he has YET to say a word...actually he does say "car" but that is IT! Of course I'm freaking out that something is really wrong. All of Keaton's friends his age are talking up a storm! Keaton does not even say mama or dada. His 18 month check-up wasn't the best when I mentioned to the doctor that he is not talking. He told me that he is concerned and gave me information and the phone number for Early Intervention. Immediately I start thinking all these bad thoughts...Am I a terrible mom? What did I do wrong? Do I not "teach" him enough? Did I make a bad decision to not put him in daycare? I can't help but feel that this is my fault. I spend so much time with him everyday reading books, putting in baby enstein videos as much as I can, etc. We go to "Rhyme Time" at the library every week to be around other kids and to learn a variety of things. Anyway, I made the call to Early Intervention and I'm awaiting the call from our Service Coordinator for a therapist to come out and do an intake, followed by an evaluation. We shall see what this brings.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How long will this last??

Another surprise...Keaton loves going to restaurants and he is such a good boy!!! If you spent the day with this kid, you would wonder how I could take him anywhere without him destroying everything in his path. He is literally into everything. Going to a restaurant was something I thought we wouldn't be doing for years. Although money doesn't allow us to go out to eat on a regular basis, we will not be afraid to visit them in the future. : )

B-E-A-R-S, Bears, Bears, Bears!! WOOOO!

We did not take Keaton to any Bears games last year because I just knew that all the noise would freak him out. He still gets scared with louder noises but not nearly as bad as it was when he was real little. This year, we decided to give it a try and take him along to a Sunday game since it was earlier (5pm game) in the day. To our surprise...he did PERFECT! We both were SHOCKED to see him just sit quietly on my lap the entire time. I believe he was just in awe of the whole experience that he didn't know what else to do but sit there. At times he gets a little freaked out but he just turns towards me and puts his head on my shoulder (must admit, I love to hold him like that...I miss it). Since then, Keaton has gone to 4 Bears games and has been great each time...he even fits in a little snooze at times.


Holy crap, it's been over 2 months since I last blogged. I admit, I got lazy with this and just stopped posting. I wasn't even sure if anyone was reading it. I would like to get back at blogging so let's play a little catch up, shall we? Christmas has been here and gone already and what a great holiday season it was. The inlaws were here to visit for about a week and really enjoyed every second with my little man. It was such a wonderful time with the family.

Keaton got WAY TOO MUCH stuff for Christmas. The grandparents went just a little crazy! I'm glad we only got him like 3 things because I knew everyone bought tons of things for him. His playroom is busting at the seams with toys. I had to move some things out of the room to make room for all the new things.

All in all, it was a great holiday and I just know they are going to get better and better as he grows up.

Monday, November 1, 2010